Have you ever met the three people that want to be your next City Commissioner? You will elect two on May 9th and they will make decisions concerning traffic, downtown development and Bayfront development that will affect your life. On April 15th at 9:00am in the Waldemere fire station you can meet and ask them questions at our special meeting of the Hudson Bayou Neighborhood Association. One candidate in the first election won by a margin of only 55 votes so don’t believe your vote doesn’t count.
Other topics to be addressed at the meeting will be:

Tom Perigo, Director of Architecture and Construction for Sarasota Memorial Hospital will discuss plans to build a 80′ parking garage for 600 cars just off of Osprey Ave., between Arlington and Hawthorne Streets. It will be almost as high as the Energy Center.

A presentation by Dr. Jennifer Shafer, President of the Science and Environment Council of a program now under way in other parts of the City where doggie poo bag stations could be located throughout our neighborhood, using recycled plastic bags that you donate.

We will be sending out two emails during the week with more details about these two topics.

April 15, 2017
Waldemere Fire Station


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