Sarasota, FL: The Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Plan is now available in final draft form for public review and comment at www.SarasotaFL.Gov/SGC.  Comments will be accepted through Monday, November 27.

Input may be submitted via a user-friendly online form at www.SarasotaFL.Gov/SGC or email to:  Stevie.Freeman-Montes@SarasotaFL.Gov

The draft report is the culmination of months of detailed analysis by a team of City staff members and a consulting firm, HDR, which studied the City’s infrastructure and identified vulnerabilities to future sea level rise, storm surge, flooding and temperature projections.  Over 200 manmade and natural infrastructure assets were considered including shorelines, parks, water supply facilities, wastewater facilities, stormwater management facilities and transportation.

“This study is a critical starting point in making Sarasota more resilient,” said Stevie Freeman-Montes, Sustainability Manager.  “It is about making smart investments that consider science in our long-term infrastructure decisions. Collaboration and partnerships will play important roles in implementing the plan. So, we want to ensure the community has an opportunity to review the report and provide thoughtful input at this stage.”

The most current, credible and reliable local projections related to climate change were used as a foundation to develop the Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation Plan.  By using the most recent information available, the City will be able to properly plan and adapt for climate change and help protect the short and long term interests of residents and businesses.

“Local businesses, residents, academia, government institutions, and community foundations all have roles to play to contribute ideas and take ownership of a visionary future that moves climate adaptation projects and funding forward,” said City Manager Tom Barwin.  “By planning smart today, Sarasota will be better prepared for tomorrow.”

After public comment is received and reviewed by staff, the final draft of the Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation Plan will be presented to the City Commission for consideration on Monday, December 4.

For more information, contact Stevie Freeman-Montes, Sustainability Manager:  941-365-2200 ext. 4202.

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