Sarasota, FL:  The public is invited to the first in a series of community meetings to kick off the City’s “Ready for 100” Plan. It will be held Wednesday, December 20 from 6 p.m.-7:30 p.m.  at the Robert L. Taylor Community Complex, 1845 John Rivers St. (formerly 34th St.)

The plan, approved by the City Commission in June of 2017, calls for 100 percent renewable energy community-wide by 2045 and for municipal operations by 2030.

“We made a commitment last summer, and now we’re figuring out how best to reach that goal,” said Stevie Freeman-Montes, Sustainability Manager. “We can’t do it without the community, and that’s why we want to support existing efforts, partner wherever possible, and receive advice from the public throughout every step of the process.”

The goal of the first meeting is to look at the City’s current energy profile, review existing state and utility policies, and receive help from the public to brainstorm potential strategies for reaching the 100 percent renewable energy goal.  Each subsequent meeting will have a unique focus ultimately working towards the creation of a plan for transitioning to 100 percent renewable energy.

All meetings will be held from 6 p.m.–7:30 p.m. at the Robert L. Taylor Community Complex on the following dates and focus on the following topics:

• Meeting 1: December 20, 2017- Project Kick Off

• Meeting 2: February 21, 2018- Evaluate Strategies

• Meeting 3: April 18, 2018- Mid-Project Report

• Meeting 4: June 20, 2018- Create Implementation Plan

Additional meetings after June 2018 may be added by the Sustainability Manager.

For more information contact Stevie Freeman-Montes, Sustainability Manager: 941-365-2200 ext. 4202.

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