Dear Selby Gardens Members & Friends:

I am excited to share with you details about our surprising and thrilling upcoming exhibition. Warhol: Flowers in the Factory is the second show in the Jean and Alfred Goldstein Exhibition Series, an annual series of immersive exhibitions featuring botanically-themed art and horticulture displays.

So often Andy Warhol is associated with celebrities, commercial art and even his own fame. While all of that is true, Warhol was in fact smitten by flowers and the natural world. In this exhibition you will encounter garden scenes and horticultural displays that are imagined as if Warhol used plants rather than paint to create his art. In our Museum of Botany & the Arts, visitors will be able to see original floral artwork by Warhol that spans four decades of his career, demonstrating that like many artists before him, flowers were a subject he returned to time and again. Accompanying photos of Warhol enjoying the outdoors add an unexpected twist. It is truly eye opening.

Until the opening, please enjoy a virtual tour through the exhibition in the descriptions below. Special events and members-only opportunities offered throughout the run of the show are sure to add to the experience of walking through Warhol’s floral playground.

We look forward to seeing you here often!


Jennifer O. Rominiecki
President and CEO, Selby Gardens

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