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I wish I had better news to share for this week’s update… The phase 3 contractor, Garney Construction, did not have the productive week we were hoping for.  They have encountered difficulty managing the groundwater in the excavation and have not been able to get pipe installed.  On Thursday, Garney decided to partially backfill the excavation so they can have their dewatering subcontractor come out and install additional dewatering wells.  These additional wells should lower the ground water table enough to begin the pipe installation. The additional dewatering wells will be installed on Monday 10/5, so the contractor should be laying pipe later in the week.

Unfortunately, these difficulties have caused the Contractor to fall behind their schedule by two weeks.  I will update the project schedule and share with you once they begin pipe installation. 

Work Upcoming in Next Week:

  • Install additional dewatering well points on Osprey Ave, close to Lincoln Drive intersection.
  • Tie-in Lincoln Drive watermain and move water services over to the new main. We are waiting for the State’s OK to complete the connections.
  • Replace sidewalk panels damaged or removed on Osprey Ave.
  • Garney Construction will begin excavation and installation of the 24” gravity sewer and begin moving towards the South.


Thank you.

Anthony Centurione, PE

Utilities Engineering Manager

City of Sarasota

Lift Station 87 Field Office

824 S. Osprey Ave

Sarasota, FL  34236

941.316.8490 (office)

941.316.8491 (fax)


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