Work Completed this Week:

Garney Construction installed additional well points this week – the additional well points were effective and they were able to get the groundwater table low enough to install the first pipe segments for the deep sewer pipe. So, we are underway with the deep gravity sewer installation. As mentioned last week, this issue put us a few weeks behind schedule. I have updated the schedule on and will continue to do so.  

Lift Station 87 started pumping sewage for the first time on Thursday and Friday.  All the systems are looking good at the station, and I anticipate we will be able to submit our certification to the FDEP next week to request putting LS87 into operation permanently.  Until we have that clearance, the bypass pumping system will stay at the Osprey and Lincoln intersection.  Depending on the review time, I’m hoping we can remove the bypass pumps from the site the week of 10/19. By then, Garney will be further south down Osprey and we can begin the restoration of Lincoln and Osprey intersection.

Work Upcoming in Next Week:

  • Tie-in Lincoln Drive watermain and move water services over to the new main. We are waiting for the State’s OK to complete the connections.
  • Replace sidewalk panels damaged or removed on Osprey Ave.
  • Garney Construction will continue excavation and installation of the 24” gravity sewer and begin moving towards the South.

Thank you.

Anthony Centurione, PE

Utilities Engineering Manager

City of Sarasota

Lift Station 87 Field Office

824 S. Osprey Ave

Sarasota, FL  34236

941.316.8490 (office)

941.316.8491 (fax)

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