From: Anthony Centurione <>

Date: October 16, 2020 at 7:43:03 PM EDT
Subject: Lift Station 87 Update

Good Evening,


Work Completed this Week:

Work continues on the gravity sewer on Osprey Ave.  Since getting the groundwater dewatering system under control, Garney has installed a pipe segment every day this week – Garney actually got 2 pipes installed on Thursday. This confirms the type of production we were expecting and what we presented at the 9/1 zoom meeting.

Crews connected the new Lincoln Drive watermain to the Osprey Ave main today. On Monday, they will connect the end at Yale Ave.  When this happens, the contractor will need to turn off the water main on Lincoln Drive so the section of pipe can be removed and the new pipe installed.  I distributed notices to residents on Lincoln Drive that will be effected. The schedule is to turn off the watermain on Lincoln Drive at 10AM on Monday 10/19, the existing pipe will be cut and capped, we will turn the water back on as soon as possible – hopefully under 30 minutes, but I indicated 10AM to 12:00PM to be safe.  Once the new main is connected, the Contractor will move each water service over to the new main.  We will provide a door hanger and a knock on the door to make sure it is OK to turn off the water to switch the service over to the new main – this should only take 20 – 30 minutes.   

We continued to run Lift Station 87 this week.  Most of the minor issues have been resolved and we still anticipate the station going online next week.  Once that happens the bypass pumps at the intersection of Osprey and Lincoln will be turned off and we can get started with the Lincoln Drive and Osprey Ave intersection improvements.


Work Upcoming in Next Week:

  • Tie-in Lincoln Drive watermain at Yale Ave.  Move home water services over to the new main.
  • Start Osprey Ave and Lincoln Drive intersection improvements.
  • Garney Construction will continue excavation and installation of the 24” gravity sewer on Osprey Ave.
  • Tuesday will be a slow day for construction – Garney has a company-wide safety meeting and training most of the day.


Thank you.

Anthony Centurione, PE

Utilities Engineering Manager

City of Sarasota

Lift Station 87 Field Office

824 S. Osprey Ave

Sarasota, FL  34236

941.316.8490 (office)

941.316.8491 (fax)


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