Good Afternoon,

Work Completed This Week:

Work continues on the gravity sewer on Osprey Ave.  Garney installed six (6) pipe segments this week. They are three pipe segments away from setting the first manhole in Osprey Ave.

The new Lincoln Drive water main is complete.  All services have been moved over to the new main and the old main was grout-filled and abandoned.  We submitted our certification to the State Department of Environmental Protection to allow us to place the new Lift Station 87 online.

Work Upcoming in Next Week:

  • Connect new sewer services to the first three houses on Osprey Ave to new gravity main.
  • Begin restoration work on Osprey Ave. South of Lincoln Drive.  This includes installing new curbs, gravel road base, and the first 2” lift of asphalt.
  • Osprey Ave. and Lincoln Drive intersection improvements.  The contractor will begin the stormwater drainage pipe and stormwater inlets on Osprey Ave and Lincoln Drive.

Thank you.

Anthony Centurione, PE

Utilities Engineering Manager

City of Sarasota

Lift Station 87 Field Office

824 S. Osprey Ave

Sarasota, FL  34236

941.316.8490 (office)

941.316.8491 (fax)


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