The Avondale Residents Association 

Virtual Presentation on Police response to unhoused people

Next Thursday, March 25th via Zoom   

If you’ve ever wondered what the Sarasota Police is doing for every unhoused person in Sarasota – here’s an excellent opportunity for you to learn more.

Avondale Residents, 

The Avondale Residents Association is hosting a virtual presentation on unhoused people in Sarasota City and County.  Please join us for this opportunity to learn about the Sarasota Police response and the plans and programs in place to support housing.  Our guest speakers are incredibly knowledgeable on this subject and will be available after their presentations for questions from our residents.  

Topics covered:          

  • City’s plan and goals for Unhoused People Crisis Response 

1) Outreach 

2) Prevention & Diversion

  • Homeless Outreach Teams (HOT) 
  • Services available to help anyone without permanent housing.
  • Mutual aid and how it addresses human rights.
  • How neighborhoods like ours can best support the city’s efforts 
  • How has COVID impacted their efforts?
  • The Role of Suncoast Partnership.                           

Guests Speakers:     Kevin Stiff, Coordinator of Homelessness Response, City of Sarasota

                                    Chris Johnson, CEO, Suncoast Partnership

When: Thursday, March 25 @ 5:30pm 

Via Zoom (link will be available on 30 minutes before the event)

The meeting will be recorded and available on our website, for those unable to attend. If you have questions that you would like asked during the presentation, please email  

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