A project we have been working on for over two years has finally come to fruition. In regards to my concerns, the original idea was proposed, by then City Commissioner Paul Caraguilo. It really got traction after the Hudson Bayou 2016 Annual Meeting. Sargent Bruce King (SPD Traffic) attended because of his concern for the unintended traffic consequences of the Osprey Bridge closing.

Sargent King negotiated with the new property owner of the buildings on the south end of the strip and the parking lot behind Veronica's Restaurant that lies (between Hillview and Arlington Streets on the West Side of Osprey)., Frank DiStefano (and his property manager Eric). The plan allows delivery trucks to enter the parking lot from Hillview Ave, make their deliveries and then continue North thru the lot, turning East, directly into a new loading zone created by the City, on Arlington. They make deliveries to the retailers, especially the restaurants in that same block and then egress to 41 by way of Hillview or Waldemere Streets. We owe them both, a huge THANK YOU.

Not only does this eliminate thru truck traffic on our side streets it removes the very dangerous blocking of drivers and pedestrians vision at the Arlington/Osprey intersection. Delivery truck traffic is confined to Waldemere, Osprey and Hillview streets, moving the heavy trucks to 41. Sargent King with the support of Deputy City Manager Marlon Brown and Deputy Chief of Police Pat Robinson and the cooperation of the City Parking Department, tirelessly pursued this project to it’s completion by the City Engineers Office . (see attachment)

Sargent King, also realizing that there was a very large Parking problem in Southside Village , contacted Sarasota Memorial Hospital regarding the 120+ car Parking Lot behind Southside Deli (between Hillview and Arlington) and received most gracious permission from SMH for cars to use the lot from 5pm to 6am daily and weekends plus the overflow lot, north in this block, across Arlington. This is extremely beneficial, economically to the Southside Village Restaurants and very convenient for our local neighbors and others that have a great deal of difficulty finding parking in order to dine.

The Southside Retailers and the trucking companies have been notified . There will be a 30 day Grace period for the truck drivers to acclimate and SPD will advise. A is brochure is attached that explains in detail. After the 30 days drivers will be issued a traffic ticket with a $166 fine and 3 POINTS.

All and All this is a very big Win Win for the residents of Hudson Bayou, Harbor Acres, Avondale, McClellan Park, Cherokee Park, Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Southside Village Merchants and the City of Sarasota. Sargent King deserves our gratitude for a job extremely well done. It isn’t often that something of this nature gets done and has such a positive impact on the lives of thousands of people both in quality of life and increased economic value of property.

Larry Twill
1666 Arlington Street

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