Yard Waste Collection 


Starting Saturday, September 2nd, City of Sarasota’s Public Works crews, rather than a private contractor, will collect curbside yard waste.  So, expect to see City of Sarasota workers in City trucks.   


That is the only change that will occur with yard waste collection.


Yard waste is defined as landscape plant material that includes tree branches, palm fronds, leaves, grass clippings etc. Yard waste is NOT items such as tree stumps, rocks/stones, brick pavers, dirt/soil, lawn furniture, tires, garden ornamentals, pots, and household waste.   

A couple of reminders for curbside pickup: 

• Place your yard waste at the curb (not in the road/street)

• Do NOT comingle yard waste with other items such as recycling or household waste

• Place it in a container or bundle into 4-foot lengths or less

• Bundles need to weigh 50 lbs. or less

• The is NO additional fee for yard waste that is properly prepared

• For a large pile (over 50 lbs.), please call for a special yard waste pick up:  941-365-7651. There is a minimum fee of $26.24 for a special pick up.  This rate and policy have been in place for many years and is not new.


It was decided in-house Public Works crews would handle yard waste collection, when it became clear outsourcing the service was cost prohibitive.    




Recycling Collection 


Also, starting Saturday, September 2nd, a new recycling contract will begin with a different company, Waste Pro. 


The good news is that residents will be allowed to comingle

recyclables for curbside pickup. Glass, paper, metal, plastic — all can be placed in the same bin together effective Sept. 2nd.


We’re optimistic more residents will participate in the curbside recycling program since they won’t have to spend time sorting the materials.


This is the City’s first step toward large, single cart curbside recycling, which we anticipate will be implemented next year.

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