Lift Station 87 Site Work Awaiting FDOT Permit

Demolition work at the Lift Station 87 site has been briefly postponed to allow the contractor an opportunity to pursue a right-of-way permit from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).  PCL Construction, the Lift Station 87 Phase 2 contractor, is proposing to install a temporary de-acceleration lane in FDOT’s right-of-way to accommodate construction traffic leaving and entering Luke Wood Park.  The temporary lane would minimize traffic impacts on US 41 and enhance the safety of motorists.

During demolition and construction, heavy equipment and trucks will be traveling to and from the Lift Station 87 site, which has a single entry point on US 41.  The requested permit would allow normal traffic patterns to be maintained on US 41 by directing construction traffic to a temporary lane that would be installed on the right-of-way that runs parallel to Luke Wood Park.

Demolition will begin once FDOT completes its review and makes a decision on the requested permit.  More schedule information will be provided once demolition begins. In the meantime, PCL Construction continues working on its pre-construction and planning activities including engineering submittals, site surveys, and equipment mobilization.  The temporary delay in demolition activities is not anticipated to impact the overall project schedule.

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