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Garney has begun the deep sewer pipe installation on segment #2 of Alta Vista Street Thursday.  They have installed a segment of pipe each day yesterday and today (14-feet each). Osprey Ave and the first segment of Alta Vista Street has been paved with asphalt today.  The watermain on Osprey between Alta Vista Street and Bahia Vista Street has been installed and pressure tested.  The existing curbs on Osprey Ave have been removed in preparation for new.

Work Completed In Last 2 Weeks:

  • Intersection improvements on Osprey and Alta Vista (Sidewalk and Drainage).
  • Paving on Osprey Ave and Segment No. 1 on Alta Vista Street.
  • Installed and pressure Tested Osprey Watermain Replacement.
  • Remove curb on Osprey between Alta Vista and Bahia Vista.
  • Install road base in the trench for the Osprey watermain.

Work Scheduled for Next 2 Weeks:

  • Continue Alta Vista 24-inch sewer.
  • Disinfect Osprey watermain and test.
  • Tie-in watermain (Bahia Vista, Irving Street) and move over residential services.
  • Reclaimed water pipe stub-outs at Osprey & Irving Street
  • Curb & apron installation on Osprey between Alta Vista and Bahia Vista. 



Anthony Centurione, PE
Utilities Engineering Manager

Phone : (941) 316-8490
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1750 12th St. Sarasota, FL 34236

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