Garney has completed the installation of the deep 24-inch gravity sewer on Alta Vista and all of the associated deep manholes.  The temporary bypass pumping system has been removed and now the full flow is going to LS87 via the micro tunnel under Hudson Bayou and Luke Wood Park.  Next week, Garney will begin laying the 8-inch sewer on Pomelo Ave.  Due to the narrow street and the depth of this pipe (16 feet deep), Garney will start work at 6 AM and stop and 10 PM (May 17th to May 27th).


On Osprey Ave, the trench for the new water main has been patched.  Osprey Ave (and the bridge) will be open to vehicular traffic starting 6/11/21. The Tuesday after memorial day, Osprey will receive the final asphalt overlay from Bahia Vista to Bay Street.  Restoration on Osprey is currently in progress.


The City of Sarasota Public Works Department continues work on new mast arms and traffic lights at the intersection of Bahia Vista and Osprey Ave. 


Work Completed In Last 2 Weeks:

  • Build temporary gravel road on Pomelo Ave
  • Set MH-5 in Alta Vista & Pomelo intersection
  • Remove Bypass Pumping System
  • Begin 8-inch sewer on Pomelo Ave
  • Osprey Ave curbs, aprons, and ADA improvements on Irving Street.


Work Scheduled for Next 2 Weeks:

  • 8-inch gravity sewer on Pomelo Ave and Pomelo Place
  • Continue restoration of Osprey Ave in preparation for opening.





Anthony Centurione, PE

Utilities Engineering Manager

Phone: (941) 316-8490

Mobile: (941) 225-2428


1750 12th Street, Sarasota, FL 34236

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